Battery charger and starter Dynamic 620 Start 12/24V

Battery charger and starter Dynamic 620 Start 12/24V 829384

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Battery charger and starter for charging free electrolyte batteries (WET) with 12/24V voltage and starting all kinds of cars, vans and light trucks.
- choice of normal charge, quick charge (BOOST), quick start
- timer for quick charge
- display of charging and starting current
- protection against overloads and polarity reversal.

Battery capacity: 20 - 1550 Ah
Boosting Current (Amp 0 Volt CC): 570 A
Boosting current (Amp 1 Volt / EL): 360 A
Charging voltage: 12/24 V
Effective charging current : 90 A
Maximum energy: 10 kW
Power supply: 230/1 V/ph
Sizes: 365 x 460 x 755 mm
Weight: 24 kg
Welding positions: 4
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