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Powerful illumination of the entire engine bay

The BONNET LIGHT provides you with an extremely bright and powerful illumination of the entire engine bay. Compared to a traditional fluorescent bonnet light it provides 75% more illuminance.

The new BONNET LIGHT is with DUAL SYSTEM which gives you all in one. DUAL SYSTEM means both rechargeable and with 5 m rubber cable offering unlimited application possibilities and complete freedom. Without cable the bonnet light might also be used as a large inspection lamp.

Supplied with an adjustable telescopic holder (1.2-1.7m) in new design with soft-padded hook ends providing a firm and scratch-free grip on the vehicle. The new holder is less voluminous and takes up less space in storage.

The BONNET LIGHT may also be used as work light inside the cabin either mounted by the telescopic holder or mounted onto the windscreen by the flexible arm with suction cup. Additional accessories available to position the lamp all places on or beneath the car.


By means of a built-in prism, LINE LIGHT BONNET concentrates the light in a 75 degrees beam angle providing an extremely bright and powerful illumination of the specifix working area. Blinding during work is avoided, and the lamp itsef can be turned to provide the optimum lighting angle. 

LINE LIGHT BONNET is constructed by a closed "unbreakable" extruded acrylic profile which makes it extremely sturdy and shockproof to endure even strong strokes, shocks and vibrations. LINE LIGHT endures the rough, wet and dirty conditions of the professional working environment within the industry and is resistant to both oil and chemicals. The IP67 classification means that it is resistant to both dust and water.

The design of LINE LIGHT BONNET is unique and covered by EU design patent RCD No 1882523.

Battery capacity: 1400 Ah
External dimensions: 1042 mm
outer diameter: 25 mm
Total weight: 0.490 kg
Working temperature: -10 līdz +40 °C
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