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Technical condition:

Pieprasītais produkts : MPVPF1


  • Tool max. working height: 5,70 m
  • Tires tilting system with duble regulation (stroke/inclination)
  • Tool max. capacity: 100 kg
  • Width of the short side: 78 cm
  • Turning radius = 0
  • Self propelled when raised at the maximum height


Main features of the special tool:

  • It allows to lift a tire set directly from the ground
  • Automatic adjustment of the inclination
  • Automatic adjustment of the stroke to set the distance of the tires from the operator


Self-propelled and compact (it's only 78 cm wide!) and with a turning radius = 0, it can be used also in very tight spaces, as between the shelves or enter in a lift.

During all the operations of the storage the operator doesn't need to go up and down of the machine. He only has to adjust the tool and roll the tires on the shelves. In that way the operator can storage in a few time also complete wheels (rim and tyre) and/or big tires (the max. capacity of the tool is 100 kg).

Thanks to these characteristics, with PKS 65 SG you can save time and trouble by gaining safety and performance.


The machine can work at temperatures between -15° C and +40 °C

Capacity: 200 kg
Working height: 5.7 m
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