SA 823 3D Aligner with manually adjustable camera beam

SA 823 3D Aligner with manually adjustable camera beam SA823

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SA 823 3D Aligner with manually adjustable camera beam SA823


230 V/1/50-60 Hz, 3D 2-CAM, with PC, mouse, keyboard (US) and standard accessories; with manual adjustment beam.


The entry 3D alignment solution for general repair workshops

• Quick and easy alignment in under 2 mins
• Highly recommend for use in alignment pits, but can be easily used on 4-post, stamp, and scissor lifts as well
• All sides of the lift remain accessible
• Manually adjustable camera beam – ideal for alignment pits
• Adjustable camera beam (600 – 2400 mm) allows adjustments and measurements at all heights
• Supports all vehicles types from Smart to Sprinter

Quick installation, plug & play

• No calibration for first installation
• No cables or drilling required on lift

Smart LED lights guide the user

• Helps with levelling of targets
• Shows direction and progress during runout compensation
• Shows direction and progress during caster sweep

Intuitive and fast software

• Fast and user friendly software
• Turns every smartphone or tablet into a mobile monitor for easy adjustment from under the vehicle (requires additional Wifi stick)
• Measurement of all common parameters including additional body parameters
• 21 available languages
• Three measurement routines: standard, quick, and custom
• Activation of drive-on aid by simply connecting any USB Webcam (optional)

Extensive vehicle database from Autodata

• Vehicle database from Autodata, including vehicle editor
• Selection via make, model, year and vehicle trim
• Free text search
• Filter for “most used” and “favorites”

Scope of Delivery

Dell PC with keyboard and mouse included in scope of delivery

Caution: No printer included in scope of delivery

Front and rear targets (4 pcs), turntables (2pcs), filling bars for turntables (2 pcs), universal clamp (4 pcs), break lock (1 pc), steering lock (1 pc), wheel chock (2 pcs).

Caution: The SA 82x series does not support connectivity solutions such as ASA or CoRe and does not offer the ability to calibrate driver assistance systems


Clearance between left and right camera: 2240 mm
Clearance between post and turntable: 1800 – 2400 mm
Length of camera beam: 2500 mm
Post height: 2600 mm
Power: 0,72 kW
Power supply: 220V V/ph
Track width: 1100 – 1900 mm
Weight of camera beam: 15 kg
Wheelbase: 1800 – 4500 mm
Wheels size: 13 - 25" "
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