• How to order in
  • 1.Find item you would like to buy

    2.Add item to cart

    3.Click on cart

    4.Log in or make fast registration

    5.Choose delivery option

    6.Choose payment method

    7.Wait for email or call from our managers!
  • How fast i will get email about my order?
  • Email or call from our managers you will receive in 1 working day.
  • What is the delivery cost to my address?
  • About exact delivery cost will let you know manager during call or in email.
  • What if my ordered item is not in stock anymore?
  • If your item is not in stock, manager will let you know fastest possible way to get it or introduce you to best alternative.
  • When can i receive order in shop after i ordered?
  • When you have made payment or manager approved item collection at store.
  • Can i get more information about item and how?
  • Of course you can get more information, for example, call our shop +371 29244522, +371 67702665 or email us
  • Can i order as legal person?
  • Yes, you can order as legal person - register at as legal person with company info.
  • Can i return item after buying?
  • For exact item returning you need to call our managers, call our shop +371 29244522, +371 67702665 or email us

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